Wild Culture Kombucha started with our passion for health, juicing, and kombucha.

We discovered kombucha in 2009. We were working at the same restaurant and loved sharing newly discovered food, drinks, and supplements with each other. When we discovered kombucha we were hooked to say the least! During travels to different parts of the US, we both found kombucha breweries popping up all over the place. Being kombucha homebrewers ourselves and health junkies, we were excited to see people enjoying kombucha at restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops!

When we couldn't get full-strength kombucha made with freshly-juiced local produce, we wanted to fill that void for ourselves and our community. We started Wild Culture Kombucha in 2015 and began the brewery licensing process, while we sampled our kombucha and juice combinations to friends, family, and the farmers market community. In 2016, we made the jump to vending at the Iowa City Farmers Market, and we got on tap at our first breweries, restaurants, and grocery stores. Thanks to community support, we'll be able to spread even more kombucha culture throughout Iowa in the coming year!


We hope you enjoy our kombucha. We are committed to brewing kombucha full of nutrients and probiotics, which is why we brew full-strength kombucha that is raw, live, and unfiltered. We juice everything ourselves starting from whole, fresh produce, and never use processed juices or flavorings. Every batch is brewed with health in mind, and we're excited to share it with you!


-Tim Roed and Rachelle Schmidt

Rachelle Schmidt - Sales and Distribution

Rachelle worked in the service industry for 12 years in casual to fine dining restaurants as a server and bartender. While moving around the country multiple times in 10 years and traveling often she experienced several different food scenes, trends and cultures among the food and beverage industry. She worked on organic farms in Hawaii for roughly a year as well as backpacked and explored the islands. Throughout traveling and moving around, visiting the local grocery stores and co-ops were always important to her. Knowing kombucha was always offered there was something that she enjoyed. In May 2014, while visiting her family and friends in Iowa, she decided to stay. With an overwhelming sense of connection and love for the Midwest and the Iowa City community, she wanted to do something the help build the community and the local food scene.


Tim Roed - Brewer

Tim comes from a marketing and technology background, and graduated with a degree in Anthropology from the University of Iowa. While studying Anthropology, he became interested in health related to a natural diet, and started exploring local food as a result. He was particularly interested in juicing and various types of tea and herbs. To combine these two hobbies, he began homebrewing kombucha and experimenting with different flavor combinations with herbs and spices in combination with freshly-juiced local produce. With a unique palate, he enjoys experimenting with creative flavor combinations, and has a passion for bringing people together through food and drink.

210 N Linn St

Iowa City, IA 52245


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